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Reno, Nevada & Surrounding Area
For Microsoft Flight Simulator X

This “cameo” MegaSceneryX title takes you out west to Reno Nevada and lets you fly VFR, both day and night, Reno/Tahoe, Nevada and surrounding area.

This 1,400 square mile area is designed for light aircraft VFR flying and seeing the sites of the area surrounding Reno including the mountainous eastern shores of Lake Tahoe at a high resolution of 1.19 meters per pixel.

The altitude of the Reno/Tahoe area is 4,500+ feet above sea level and presents an interesting challenge for takeoffs and landings for typical light aircraft.

What you’ll see while flying this scenery is exactly what you’ll see in real life.

Airports included in the area include

  • Reno/Tahoe International
  • Reno/Stead
  • Minden-Tahoe
  • Carson City
  • South Lake Tahoe


  • 1,400 square miles of Reno, Nevada and surrounding area
  • Created from 1 foot per pixel aerial photos and displayed at 1.19 meters per pixel
  • Includes daytime photo-scenery and night scenery
  • Created from high resolution aerial photography
  • Includes MegaScenery NightScene technology for an equally realistic night, dusk and dawn flying experience
  • Includes all airports in the area
  • Includes custom autogen scenery
  • Includes 60 page PDF manual with 38 instrument approach charts

Available by instant download, and at just $9.99, you can be flying this "most-asked-for" scenery in minutes.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (RTM, SP1, SP2)
  • 1.2 Gb hard Drive Space

Available by instant download, and at just $9.99, you can be flying this scenery in minutes. To order, click on the link at the top of this page and you will be taken to the PC Aviator download store. Simply order the product, check-out and you will instantly receive, by e-mail, a download link to download this product.

If you want it on DVD-ROM, then you can order a "DVD On Demand" version from here.

MegaSceneryX Reno/Tahoe Screenshots


While MegaSceneryX source data is at 1 foot and 2 feet per pixel in Flight Simulator X it displays at 1.19 meters per pixel.

Aerial Photographs are supplied by AirPhotoUSA LLC.

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