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With MegaScenery, Your Flight Simulator
World Will Never Look The Same Again!

Glacier Peak, Washington State

Default Flight Simulator 2004 Scenery MegaScenery


Here's What You Get To Enjoy When You're Flying MegaScenery....

1. Hyper-realistic satellite scenery at 5 meters per pixel. It's the real world teleported into Flight Simulator Scenery. 5 meters per pixel means that you can even see the rooftop on your own house. Fly VFR like you've never flown it before on a PC simulator.

2. Day and Night Scenery. Soar and explore the real world - during the day and at night!

3. Winter Scenery too! In selected areas, where required by geographical location, you also get realistically rendered snow covered scenery. e.g. MegaScenery New York. So you're getting up to 3 sceneries in the one package.

4. Improved Autogen. We replace default FS2004 autogen scenery with our "more-correct" version.

5. Hi-resolution DEM (mesh). While MegaScenery is so realistic that you don't need hi-res mesh - our recent releases incorporate hi-res mesh at 30 meters.

6. The list goes on... You also get realistic water. Our hand etched coastlines and shores mean that bodies of water such as lakes maintain their "water properties". So you can land your float planes on them

7. Relocation of default FS2004 objects to correct location. That's right MegaScenery, upon installation, will relocate default FS2004 objects to their absolute correct geographic co-ordinates.

8. Faster Framerates! Yes, your Flight Simulator 2004/2002, with hyper-realistic MegaScenery, will run smoother and faster than the default artificial scenery.

9. Developed specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 it also works on the older 2002 version.

10. Printed full color aeronautical charts, bound printed instrument charts and a sizeable manual with professional flight lessons. (Full Kit Version)

 11. A total value packed, realism transforming scenery product For Microsoft Flight Simulator that you wouldn't think was possible for such a low price!

Cranking up your engine in preparation for a flight over a scenery world you’ve always dreamed about…. A scenery world that is as real and as "picture perfect" as the world you live in. A scenery world that no longer means flying bored over sparse, discontinuous scenery with repeating tiles, but instead a world that keeps you fascinated and intrigued every moment you’re in the air knowing that every inch of the terrain rolling beneath your aircraft, every road, every river, every mountain, every town is real! A world that lets you plan, plot, and navigate your way visually, just like a pilot, using real visual navigation charts to accurately make your way to your destination airport miles away and with continuous coverage that doesn’t give you a single moment’s break from reality.

That flying experience is now possible with MegaScenery USA 2004 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (and FS2002). That's right... MegaScenery is Back!

MegaScenery USA 2004 is the only large scale satellite derived photorealistic scenery for the USA for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004: A Century of Flight and FS2002. MegaScenery USA 2004 gives you "real world" visual scenery developed from satellite images at a resolution of 5 meters per pixel for a real VFR flying experience over many areas of the United States, as they are released.

Day And Night Scenery

MegaScenery is not just a daytime experience. MegaScenery also gives you spectacular night-time scenery with night time lighting effects for night flying that leaves you with the same awe that you experience approaching a busy metropolis at night. MegaScenery technology knows where virtual every highway, street, road and neighborhood is and lights it up realistically for a night flying experience that can only be described as spine tingling. Yes, that's right you can fly "NIGHT VFR" with MegaScenery. And ask any pilot.... NIGHT FLYING is an awesome experience!


Here's something you'll probably even find hard to believe - but it's true. MegaScenery actually gives you faster framerates than default Flight Simulator 2004 scenery. As one user put it... "How do you do it? You've increased my realism a hundredfold and doubled my framerates!" How is it possible? Well... that's for us to know and for you to enjoy!

Real Water Too

Also MegaScenery defines water as water so that you can see water effects and even land your float planes on any body of water within the area covered by each title. No other photorealistic scenery gives you this.

MegaScenery USA 2004 is more than just a software add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It's a complete flying kit with not just the software but also with all the maps and charts you need to fly the areas of your choice.... both VFR.... and IFR. We've gone against the trend that's developing in the software industry of skimping on documentation and product manuals. We give you more printed "stuff" than ever before inside our MegaScenery boxes.

The Most Advanced Scenery You’ll EVER Fly….

MegaScenery is unlike any scenery you’ve ever flown before. Sure, photorealistic scenery has been done before, but it doesn’t even come close, in size or realism, to the world that MegaScenery gives you.

You’ve dreamed about soaring the Microsoft Flight Simulator skies above a world that’s as big and as real as the world you live in…. MegaScenery puts you there!

Thank you for visiting the MegaScenery site. Please explore it thoroughly and while you're browsing, imagine the experience of flying over a MegaScenery world.