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Charts That Come With MegaScenery

While you can purchase a "Lite" version of MegaScenery i.e. Box, CD-ROM & Manual, we also offer, for just $10 more, a "Full VFR Kit" version that gives you all of the official FAA charts you need to fly your scenery. This enables you to fly and navigate your MegaScenery with a purpose and watch in amazement as you identify real landmarks as you navigate cross country.

Our "Full Kit" versions weigh in at over 1.5 pounds, and is "software like you used to buy it", with lots of additional printed materials to help you get more out of your software.

To help you understand a little more about each chart, we've put together this explanation of each chart type for you.

VFR Sectional Chart
This is the primary chart used for VFR navigation in the USA. It is a full color chart with a scale of 1:500,000. There are 38 double sided charts that cover the contiguous United States. These charts show all topographical information required for safe VFR navigation. You can click on each image below to enlarge it.

VFR Terminal Area Chart
This is the primary chart used for VFR navigation in and around airports in areas designated as Terminal Areas. Terminal Areas are designated as a result of the busyness of the airspace. Generally Class B. It is a full color chart with a scale of 1:250,000. Their scale is larger as a result of the extra detail required for safe navigation in these busy airspaces. Topographical information. is the same as the Sectional but at twice the scale.

Terminal Procedures
Also known as instrument approach charts, these are IFR charts and give you information required to conduct both Precision (e.g. ILS approach) and Non-Precision (e.g. VOR approach) approaches into an airport. These also contain SIDs - Standard Instrument Departure routes and STARs - Standard Terminal Arrival Routes and Airport Diagrams. There's nothing more satisfying than conducting a precision ILS approach down to minimums.... in both real-life and in your simulator.

MegaScenery titles, if you opt for the "Full Kit" pack come with all of the abovementioned charts. These charts will help you get better use and more enjoyment out of your MegaScenery titles.