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New Enhancements To MegaScenery

The quality of MegaScenery doesn't stand still. The developers are constantly improving MegaScenery technology and it keeps getting significantly better with each and every new release.

Below is a description of each new improvement to MegaScenery with the most recent improvement being at the top of the list. With each improvement, you'll also see from which version it was implemented and which versions it is included in.  

NEW Custom Water Chooser
A great new feature we're implementing into our Future MegaCITY products is our Water Chooser. With MegaCITY titles being created from high resolution aerial photography we find that the natural water for these areas looks more realistic when left alone and recreated as a bitmap. The downside of this is that the water does not exhibit water properties and you cannot perform floatplane operations on it. So, we're including a water chooser feature where you can choose any time whether you want original water from the bitmap (more realistic, not recognized as water by the sim) or replace it with FS2004 water (not as realistic visually but recognized as water by FS2004).

This feature will be introduced in our upcoming MegaCITY Dallas/Fort Worth title.

MegaCITY Dallas/Fort Worth

Introducing New MegaCity™ Technology
MegaScenery cities now take a whole new and vastly improved look as we roll out our new MegaCity™ Technology. While 5 meter satellite data is fine for cross country and rural areas, it doesn't deliver the clarity required for cities. So now, MegaScenery uses original source data of 1 foot per pixel for cities. That's 225 times the resolution of 5 meter satellite data. Flight Simulator 2004 does only support 5 meter per pixel as it's maximum resolution so the 1 foot data is resampled back to 5 meters but the overall result is much clearer and crisper cityscapes. We're rolling out MegaCity™ Technology in Volume 4 of MegaScenery: Pacific Northwest. To check out screenshots of the new level of details cities take on, please click here to check out screenshots of Seattle.

Included in Volume 4 out of the box. All MegaCITY titles

New 30 Meter High Resolution Terrain Mesh
Mountain shading in MegaScenery using default FS2004 terrain mesh detail is adequate for elevation data clarity. The shading of the mountains causes enough of an optical illusion of detailed elevation data. In any event, to keep MegaScenery at the absolute forefront of scenery technology, and to keep elevation data completely true, we now include 30 meter terrain mesh elevation data in MegaScenery.

Included in Volume 3 and Volume 4 out of the box. All MegaCITY titles

Fly Over MegaScenery All Year Round
Previously, due to some practical limitations imposed by the volume of data occupied by MegaScenery, as well as a FS2004 limitation that could only display one texture for a season, you could only fly over MegaScenery in the summer season. Now, MegaScenery will display as your default scenery, no matter what season you have selected. This does not necessarily make it look like spring or fall (unless we have included different seasons).

To have MegaScenery display all year round you will require Windows XP/2000 and NTFS. This will not work on FAT32 formatted hard drives. This feature will be implemented in New York MegaScenery and all future releases and for owners of Southern California: Los Angeles and San Diego, a patch will be available for download soon.

Included in Volume 2, 3, & 4 out of the box. Volume 1: Southern California can be patched by downloading the V1.3 patch. All MegaCITY titles

We've Now Included A Winter Season With Snow
Many prospective customers were sceptical that New York's scenery would be green all year round. Well that "will not" be the case. We've now included a winter season so when you have winter selected you will be flying over a spectacular MegaScenery world that is covered with a blanket of snow. The screenshot below should give you an idea of what you'll experience.

Included in Volume 2 and 4 out of the box.
Volume 1, 3, San Francisco and Denver do not include snow.
MegaCITY Denver.

We improved Night Lighting

MegaScenery's night time scenery was already spectacular in it's own right but we've further enhanced it for an even more realistic night flying experience. We've made the lighting brighter and have also enhanced the MIP level transitions so that it loads even smoother and displays better into the distance.

Included in Volume 2, 3, & 4 out of the box. Volume 1: Southern California can be patched by downloading the V1.3 patch. All MegaCITY titles

We've improved Autogen
Autogen scenery has been further improved and looks much more realistic with better placements of houses and buildings.

Included in Volume 2, 3, & 4 out of the box. Volume 1: Southern California can be patched by downloading the V1.3 patch.

We've Now Repositioned Default FS2004 Objects To Their Correct Locations
One issue that showed up on the initial release of MegaScenery was the misalignment of default FS2004 3D objects (major landmarks) on MegaScenery. This was not a fault in MegaScenery but a basic fault within Flight Simulator 2004. This is not such a problem when using default FS2004 scenery but the misalignment did become clearly obvious when MegaScenery was active since the silhouette of the objects in the MegaScenery textures did not line up with the actual objects placed by FS2004. The developers of MegaScenery have now overcome this minor design flaw within FS2004 and have now repositioned all of these 3D objects to their exact location to within an accuracy of just feet. So silhouettes will align perfectly with the 3D objects placed by FS2004.

Note that scenery object relocation does not work with FS2002 due to differences in scenery technology.

Included in Volume 2, 3, & 4 out of the box. Volume 1: Southern California can be patched by downloading the V1.3 patch. All MegaCITY titles