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“Guaranteed to Give You A Rocky Mountain High!”
MegaCITY USA 2005
MegaCITY Denver
For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

MegaCITY USA - DENVER puts you in the Flight Simulator skies above the "Mile High City" Denver, Colorado and, as with all MegaScenery/MegaCity titles, lets you experience flight at a level of realism that you've previously only imagined.

Soar the Flight Simulator Skies Above The "MILE HIGH CITY" – Denver, Colorado – And a Huge Chunk of Surrounding Farmland and Mountains Recreated From High Resolution Aerial Photography.

Witness some spectacular Denver city and Rocky Mountain scenery from the vantage point of your cockpit in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

MegaCity Technology brings out the finest real-world detail in the city down to the level of you being able to discern individual rooftops on houses, every street in the city and even sand traps on golf courses.

Note: A powerful PC is not required to run MegaCITY Denver. These pics were taken on a system with only a 64Mb GeForce 4 video card on a 2.2 GHz Pentium..

MegaCITY Denver Screenshots
(click on pics to zoom)
Compare Your Default FS2004 Denver With MegaCITY Denver

Denver International - We're at 13,000 ft AMSL but only 7,000 ft AGL. It's a mile high airport!

Stapleton International - or what's left of it. Used to be Denver's INTL but now being torn apart one piece of asphalt at a time.

Cherry Creek Lake - just north of Centennial Airport. The golf course below looks like it has sand greens - which are not uncommon.

Over the top of Littleton looking west at Chatfield Reservoir and Rockies in the background.

The South Platte River leads right through Downtown Denver. Hwy 85 to its east.

Marston Lake with Default FS2004 Scenery. Random landclass textures

With MegaCITY. Every single detail is visible - down to actual rooftops.

We're just west of Boulder. The beginning of the formation of the Rocky Mountains.

And there's Boulder below us.

Just south of Chatfield Res. There's a lot of lakes in this town.

Marston Lake. Southwest Plaza mall at the bottom left of the picture. Welcome to suburbia.

This is more than just city. There's a lot of farms and mountains to see outside of the metro area.

Just West Of Golden. Default FS2004 Scenery. With all due respect... it's not very real.

With MegaCITY every square foot of scenery is real right down to the trees!!

The red rocks on our right wingtip - that's Red Rock Park.

Hi-res 30 meter terrain mesh for mountains that have NEVER looked so real in FS2004.

You'll even find civilization in the mountains. I-70 threads its way through.

Golden to the west of the city. You can see a road carved in the mountain abeam us.

Mountains - dry and rocky but you can see every tiny crevice.

This is default FS2004 Scenery for Denver metro. Generic best guess landclass textures

With MegaCITY - if you had a street map you could name every street. This... IS REAL!

Say Goodbye To Default Flight Simulator Scenery Forever and  Prepare to soar the skies above a Flight Simulator world that’s more realistic than anything you’ve ever flown on your PC...


  • 3,600 Square Miles (9,200 square kilometers) Area Coverage Of Denver, Colorado and surrounding farmlands and mountains.

  • Created from 1 foot per pixel aerial photography

  • Includes AutoGen Scenery

  • 3 Scenery products in one with Day Scenery, Night Scenery, and Winter Scenery.

  • 30 meter terrain mesh

  • Displays in all 4 seasons (NTFS systems)

  • Default buildings relocated to correct geographical locations.

MegaCITY Denver puts you up there in the skies above Denver, Colorado at a level of realism that you've never experienced Denver before with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.


At 5,200 feet Denver is the "Mile High City". When flying VFR in a light single, you're already challenged as your take off and landing performance is reduced due to the altitude. Add to that the real cityscape beneath you and the Rocky Mountains to the west and you've got yourself the challenge of Denver - a real Denver – to enjoy and explore in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.


MegaCITY Denver is created from 1 foot per pixel high-resolution colored aerial photography and gives you a visual flight experience above this modern "Rocky Mountain" metropolis in FS2004 that parallels a real-life visual flight experience.


You clearly see "everything" in the city below you from the vantage point of your own cockpit - right down to individual rooftops and individual trees on golf courses. The Rocky Mountains commence their formation to the west of the city and add to the thrilling experience of flight above this "mile-high" city.


To the east of the city is Denver International airport – which due to its central location is one of the biggest and busiest hub airports in the USA. It's situated on 34,000 acres and ranks as the 5th busiest airport in the USA and 10th busiest in the world with around 1600 arrivals and departures per day.


Sure you can already experience Denver International in default FS2004 but it's just not the same as when you add 3600 square miles of REAL DENVER SUBURBIA around it. This is the ONLY way to feel that you're actually flying in Denver.


Soar Above And Explore The Places You Know
MegaCITY Denver lets you explore, from your cockpit, all the names and places you know in Denver including parts of the spectacular Rocky Mountains to the west that begin to encroach upon the city. See all of the suburbs, all of the landmarks and all water bodies - right down to small ponds. Every street, every ballpark, every mall (complete with cars in the parking lot), every stream, see it all. If you know Denver, you'll know what you're seeing. If you want to know Denver, you'll discover it all!


It's not all just Denver metro area though (this is only about 600 square miles). This title gives you 3600 square miles! It covers a lot of the surrounding mountains and farmland so there's more to see than just a city! You get the entire Denver metro area plus a big chunk of surrounding area. So there's lots to see and discover and marvel at from your aircraft. 


At Day, Night and Winter - 3 Scenery products In One!
Again - since it's from the creators of MegaScenery - you don't just get the day scenery.
.... you get 3 scenery products in one!


1. Photographic DAY Scenery - Actual aerial photographs (1 foot per pixel) ported into Flight Simulator 2004 for a scenery world that looks just like the Denver area from a pilot's vantage point. You are flying over THE actual city of Denver and immediate surrounding area.


2. Spine Tingling NIGHT Scenery - Watch the entire city of Denver come to life at night as MegaScenery's Night Scenery technology lights up every single light emitting source in the entire metropolis for night scenery whose realism is simply unsurpassed by any scenery product anywhere. No... it's not just random lights - NightScene Technology knows where every light emitting source in the area covered is right down to the street level. No other product line gives you such a realistic night flying experience. The only way to describe the effect is "spine-tingling". When you're flying over Denver or the surrounding mountainous regions for that matter - it looks just like it would at night in real life as streets, subdivisions and even interstates light up. You get to truly experience flying Night VFR!

NightScene - MegaCITY Denver's Night Scenery
(click on pics to zoom) FOR BEST EFFECT TURN OUT YOUR LIGHTS.

As dusk falls over Denver, every road, highway, and street lights up for a truly authentic dusk scenery effect.

Over the top of Denver Night-VFR from your pilot's perspective

Interstates, streets, subdivisions all light up. Dark square to our south are probably golf courses.

Beyond city limits. The city of Boulder lights up in our 2 o'clock position.

Looking back on Denver. Note the lighting lighting up all light emiting sources, even lake shorelines where appropriate.


3. WINTER Scenery - With an average annual snowfall of 55 inches, it just wouldn't be Denver without snow. So when you're flying in winter, WinterScene Technology takes over to give you the most authentic winter wonderland possible. The screenshots below show you what you'll experience with your season set to Winter in FS2004.


The mountainous terrain that surrounds Denver is displayed with added clarity with the 30 meter terrain mesh that underlies the scenery.


MegaScenery's Unique Night Technology Screenshots
(click on pics to zoom)

No commentary here - we'll just let the pictures tell the story.


MEGACITY USA 2005: Denver  Is The Newest MegaCITY Title and Includes All of the Latest MegaScenery Technology Developments:

• Denver is New MegaCity™ Technology
• Flying in all 4 seasons
• Improved Night Scenery
• Winter Snow Scenery
• High resolution 30 meter terrain elevation mesh. Mountains have never looked so real!
• Repositioning of incorrectly placed default FS2004 objects
• Many other tweaks and fine enhancements

Say Goodbye To Default Flight Simulator Scenery Forever - Your Flight Simulator world around Denver will NEVER look the same again!

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MegaCITY USA 2005 - Denver

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Box Contents:
• MegaCity Denver CD-ROM
• Installation Guide

Minimum System Requirements:
• Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
• 1 GHz Pentium, Celeron or Athlon CPU
• Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista, Win 7
• 128 Mb RAM
• 3D Video Card with 32 Mb RAM
• CD-ROM drive for installation
• 1 Gb Free Disk Space

Recommended System Requirements:
• Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
• 2 GHz Pentium, Celeron or Athlon CPU
• Windows XP, Vista, Win 7
• 512 Mb RAM
• 3D Video Card with 64-128 Mb RAM
• CD-ROM drive for installation
• 1 Gb Free Disk Space

Other Information:
**This title will work with FS2002 but does have a compatibility issue with FS2002, that being misalignment of default FS2002 objects. While realignment of these objects was possible with FS2004 it is not with FS2002.

On FAT32/Windows 98/Me systems MegaScenery will only display if season is set to summer or winter. On Windows XP/NTFS systems, MegaScenery will display for all 4 seasons.

While MegaCITY source data is at 1 foot per pixel in Flight Simulator 2004 it displays at 4.8 meters per pixel.

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