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MegaScenery News

MegaSceneryX: Southern California & Phoenix Service Packs
30 April 2008
We've released two service packs for the above respective titles. More information and download links to these service packs here.

MegaSceneryX: Hawaii Service Pack
8 February 2008
We've released a service pack for MegaSceneryX Hawaii. As well as incorporating new 10 meter high res Terrain Mesh, we've also fixed any display issues arising with FSX Service Packs. The service pack is just 10 Mb and you can download from here.

MegaScenery Phoenix Back In Stock
8 February 2008
Our first production run of MegaSceneryX Phoenix sold out pretty fast and we're pleased to announce that as of Tuesday 12 February it is back in stock. All backorders will ship on that day. We apologize for the stock out on this title and thank those who have been waiting for their patience. Information on MegaSceneryX Phoenix is here.   

Buy Most MegaScenery Titles By Instant Download
7 February 2008
For those of you who want to be flying MegaScenery quickly and conveniently, we're happy to inform you that you can now order most MegaScenery titles by instant download. Due to significant sizes of MegaScenery titles, this download service is limited to FS2004 versions of MegaScenery and the smaller versions of MegaSceneryX (e.g. Hawaii and Las Vegas). MegaScenery downloads are large so we recommend a stable and fast broadband connection. You can browse the selection of FS2004 Titles Here and FSX titles Here.

"Viva Las Vegas" with MegaSceneryX: Las Vegas
21 November 2007
One of the most asked for titles amongst MegaScenery users - Las Vegas is now available for you to soar the Flight Simulator X skies above in hyper-real detail. This cameo area gives you 2100 square miles of the Las Vegas Valley. It's available by instant download or on DVD and priced to delight at just $14.95. Click here for additional information.

MegaSceneryX Southern California Now Shipping
11 September 2007
We're pleased to announce that MegaSceneryX: Southern California is now shipping. This 3 DVD set gives you over 18,000 square miles of high resolution 1.19 meter per pixel scenery recreated from 1 foot per pixel aerial photos. The result is a "hyper-real" Southern California for you to enjoy soaring the skies above. Also in the package is a double sided full color VFR Terminal Area Chart for Los Angeles and San Diego and 150+ instrument approach charts, Airport Diagrams, SIDS and STARs for the Southern California area. This title is priced at just $39.95. Caution: Once you fly this kind of scenery you may not ever want to go back to default scenery again.

More information including screenshots is available here.

MegaSceneryX Dallas/Fort Worth Now Shipping
8 June 2007
We're pleased to announce that MegaSceneryX: Dallas/Fort Worth is now shipping. This 2 DVD set gives you 8000 square miles of high resolution 1.19 meter per pixel scenery recreated from 1 foot per pixel aerial photos. The result is a "hyper-real" Dallas/Fort Worth for you to enjoy soaring the skies above. Also in the package is a double sided full color VFR Terminal Area Chart and VFR Planning Chart and 100+ instrument approach charts for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This title is priced at just $29.95.

More information including screenshots is available here.

Denver and New York Sold Out CD's Now Available As Instant Downloads
28 March 2007
We've sold out of CD versions of Denver and New York for FS2004. We will not be remanufacturing these older titles however have made them available for instant download at the download store. These are large downloads, New York in particular, so we recommend a stable broadband connection if you wish to order these instant downloads.

Phoenix Service Pack 1
March 2007
We've released a minor service pack for MegaSceneryX Phoenix that addresses the problem of a fence in the middle of a runway at KGYR. You can download this service pack from here

FS2004/FSX Installation Patch Is Now Available
March 2007
If you want to get your FS2004 MegaScenery titles running with Flight Simulator X, you can install them manually or you can do it with a few clicks of the mouse using our FS2004/FSX Installer. Full details including the download link for the installer are available here.

MegaSceneryX: Phoenix Now Shipping
5 March 2007
We're pleased to announce that MegaSceneryX: Phoenix is now shipping. This 2 DVD set gives you 7000 square miles of high resolution 1.19 meter per pixel scenery recreated from 1 foot per pixel aerial photos. The result is a "hyper-real" Phoenix for you to enjoy down to "rocks-in-the-hills" detail. Also in the package is a double sided full color VFR Terminal Area Chart and VFR Planning Chart and 96 instrument approach charts for the Phoenix area. This title is priced at just $29.95. Caution: Once you fly this kind of scenery you may not ever want to go back to default scenery again.

More information including screenshots is available here.

Announcing MegaSceneryX: Phoenix
24 January 2007
We've just announced our first major MegaSceneryX title and with that title we're taking to the skies above Phoenix, AZ. This 2 DVD set gives you 7000 square miles of high resolution 1.19 meter per pixel scenery recreated from 1 foot per pixel aerial photos. The result is a "hyper-real" Phoenix for you to enjoy down to "rocks-in-the-hills" detail. MegaSceneryX: Phoenix has gone into production and will be shipping on 1 March 2007. More information including screenshots is available here. Take a look at it. You'll be pretty amazed.

Announcing MegaSceneryX
6 January 2007
We're pleased to announce the NEW MegaScenery for Flight Simulator X, aptly titled MegaSceneryX. MegaSceneryX gives you 25 times the resolution of previous MegaScenery, displaying at 1 meter per pixel. Our first title is already available - MegaSceneryX - Hawaii. It's a rework of our FS2004 title and features the entire Island of Oahu and Honolulu. This title is available right now for just $14.95 - on CD-ROM or by Instant Download.

For more comprehensive information on MegaSceneryX including screenshots that show the difference between it and it's predecessor, please follow this link.

We have 3 more MegaSceneryX titles currently under development and all lined up for release within the next few months.

FSX Installation Guide
6 November 2006
While we are awaiting the completion of our installer that will install current MegaScenery into FSX, we have created an installation guide that will enable you to manually install current versions of MegaScenery and MegaCity into the new Flight Simulator X. You can follow this link to the document.

MegaCity Phoenix Announced
11 May 2006
We've just announced our next title. We take you out west to Arizona with MegaCity Phoenix. This title is in final production and scheduled for release on 1 June. For some preliminary screenshots and to take advantage of a $49.90 value preorder bonus, please follow this link.

MegaCity Hawaii - Honolulu and The Island of Oahu Now Available
26 April 2006
Most people choose it as a holiday destination and spend most of their time on the crystal clear beaches... YOU, however, will now get to see it ALL from the best vantage point possible - your Flight Simulator cockpit as you take to the skies above this photo-real, aerial photo, recreation of the entire Island of Oahu including Honolulu. This title is priced at just $9.95 and is available by instant download from the PC Aviator download store. You could be flying this scenery in just minutes! For more information - please follow this link.

Announcing MegaCity USA 2005: Atlanta
28 March 2006
Now fly Atlanta with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 at a level of realism that's almost as real as real life itself. Our next title MegaCity Atlanta has been completed and is on the production presses for a 17 April release. MegaCity Atlanta gives a massive 10,000 square miles of the city of Atlanta and surrounding countryside all created from aerial photography with a source resolution of 1 foot per pixel. For more information, screenshots and ordering information, please follow this link.

Announcing MegaScenery USA 2005: Northern California Version 2
16 December 2005
Our original MegaScenery Volume 3: Northern California has been brought up to the standards of the recent releases of MegaScenery 2005 series. We've now combined MegaScenery Northern California (satellite data) with MegaCITY San Francisco (aerial data) and any patches into one seamless product on one convenient DVD - MegaScenery USA 2005: Volume 3: Northern California Version 2. For more information on this title - which is available for shipping now - please follow this link. For owners of the original Northern California and/or MegaCITY San Francisco, reduced price upgrades are available. Please follow this link for upgrade information.

MegaScenery USA 2005: Southern California NEW Version 2 Upgrade Information
16 December 2005
If you're an owner of the original MegaScenery Southern California, you are eligible for a reduced price upgrade. For more information, please follow this link.

Announcing MegaScenery USA 2005: Southern California NEW Version 2
26 November 2005
We're pleased to announce our next MegaScenery title, Southern California Version 2. We've revisited our most popular title and this time Southern California is recreated entirely from aerial photography and adds a whole new level of crispness, clarity and realism to your Flight Simulator scenery. The area covered has also increased and is 50% greater than the original release of Southern California.

This title will be shipping before Christmas. More information will be released shortly. In the meantime you can view some pretty impressive screenshots here.


MegaScenery USA 2005 Volume 5: Mid Atlantic Is Shipping
14 November 2005
We're please to announce that our much anticipated Mid Atlantic region which includes Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, VA and 22,000 square miles of the populous and busy Mid Atlantic region is shipping as of Monday 14 November. We have incorporated more new features including 2 cities in MegaCity source resolution of 2 foot per pixel - Washington DC and Baltimore (sourced from AirphotoUSA). This is one busy and picturesque region of the USA and includes the 'very' busy I-95 corridor, Chesapeake Bay and the three major airports that service the Mid Atlantic region including Baltimore-Washington International (KBWI), Washington Dulles International (KIAD) and Reagan National (KDCA). This title is shipping on DVD media and priced at $29.95 for the Lite version and for $10 more you can get the Full Kit version with the full color charts and 250 pages of SIDS, STARS, Airport Diagrams and Instrument Approach charts to enable you to enjoy this scenery to its fullest extent - both VFR and IFR. More information is available at this link.

Aerial Photography From AirphotoUSA To Be Used In MegaScenery
10 November 2005
The MegaScenery team is pleased to announced that it has formed a partnership with leading aerial photography supplier AirphotoUSA. AirphotoUSA holds the world's biggest database of quality aerial photography for the continental United States and it is these images that will be used to provide the 1 and 2 foot per pixel source data for the city areas that are contained in all future MegaScenery titles commencing with Mid Atlantic which includes both Washington DC and Baltimore recreated from 2 foot per pixel source data. We're excited about this development which will result in even higher quality MegaScenery titles in the future.

MegaScenery Volume 5 Announced
19 July 2005
Good news for everyone eagerly anticipating our next release - today we announce MegaScenery USA 2005 Volume 5: Mid Atlantic/Washington DC/Baltimore. This title is a 20,000 square mile MegaScenery title and includes the 2 cities of Washington DC and Baltimore in a 5,000 square mile contiguous area of MegaCITY aerial photo source imagery. You can read the press release here, get more information here, and even preorder direct here

SystemBoosterXP Replaces MegaBooster
7 July 2005
In response to user requests - we've expanded the capabilities of the same technology that goes into MegaBooster to product a product that enhances hard disk performance for your entire Windows XP System - also including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, MegaScenery and now other photo-scenery products such as Switzerland Professional. More information on SystemBooster, including a free 30 day trial, you can visit one of our sister websites at or get preliminary information here.

MegaScenery Picks Up Distribution With Fry's Electronics
25 June 2005
We're pleased to announce that we have tied up a deal with Fry's Electronics in the USA and from 1 July, you'll find MegaScenery and MegaCITY titles on retails shelves at Fry's Electronics stores across the country. To find a local Fry's store you can follow this link. As well as Fry's, MegaScenery titles are also available at MicroCenter stores across the country. For a list of MegaScenery/MegaCITY stockists, you can follow this link.

New MegaBooster - Improves MegaScenery and MegaCITY Performance.
5 June 2005
The MegaScenery Team has developed a breakthrough utility that helps to boost MegaScenery performance and it's called MegaBooster. MegaBooster runs in your system tray while you are using MegaScenery and MegaCITY and our developmental research has provided results that show up to 42% faster loading and over 230% greater efficiency while flying over MegaScenery. The end result is that you are flying sooner after you hit the "Fly Now" button and the notorious "blurries" are reduced. For more information on MegaBooster and to download a FREE Fully Functional 30 Day Trial, click here.

Pacific Northwest Demo Video Now Available
23 May 2005
If you're not yet flying the Pacific Northwest, maybe our new 5 minute demonstration video will show you what you could be enjoying, that you currently are not. Click here to view it now (WMV format).

MegaCity Dallas/Fort/Worth Ships!
16 May 2005
We're pleased to announce that MegaCITY Dallas/Forth Worth has been officially released. It's now in stock and shipping. Now fly the incredible, expansive, modern metroplex of Dallas/Fort Worth in true-to-life detail. This title features the latest MegaScenery innovation of our Water Chooser that lets you decide between Flight Sim Default water (not quite as real but functions like Flight Sim water) or Natural Water (very realistic looking but doesn't have water effects). We've also again further improved autogen scenery. Just $17.95 has you flying right in the heart of Texas. Click here for more information. 

Patch For MegaScenery Pacific Northwest
23 April 2005
We've released a small patch for MegaScenery Pacific Northwest that corrects some problems with a few airports appearing under the ground - namely Concrete Municipal. You can download this patch here.

Defragging Significantly Helps MegaScenery Performance
23 April 2005
We've completed some inhouse research on the effects of fragmentation on MegaScenery performance. The effects of file fragmentation on hard disk performance are well known but we have learned that it's more than just fragmentation that affects general hard disk, PC performance and MegaScenery performance. File ordering plays a very significant role on hard disk performance. While all defraggers out there defrag - only one does the reordering that is necessary to optimize MegaScenery performance by sorting and placing files in folder and name sequence on your hard disk. MegaScenery file names order corresponds very closely with geographical location of the tile. So when you go to an airport in MegaScenery and the hard disk starts pulling files of your drive, the better ordered the files the faster it loads during startup and while flying since the hard disk head travels much less than picking up 43Kb files from all around the disk. So with MegaScenery file placement is as important as fragmentation. The Defragger that does file name sorting is O&O Defrag Professional V8. We have found that it helps MegaScenery so much (up to 170% if you are badly fragmented) that we have decided to merchandise it and make it available to you from this site. It's only $44.95. You can find out more by following this link.

MegaCITY Dallas/Fort Worth Ahead Of Schedule
23 April 2005
Progress on MegaCITY Dallas/Fort Worth is well ahead of schedule and it will very likely release in late May and not the original June anticipated release date. A great new feature of Dallas/Fort Worth, as well as letting you fly over some pretty stunning aerial scenery, is our new Water Chooser that gives you back some control of your realism and let's you switch between the more realistic looking bitmap water and FS2004 "functional" water that lets you perform float plane ops. Also, if you were going to order this title but haven't yet, remember our FREE 6 month Computer Pilot Subscription giveaway with Preorders only. This preorder free subscription offer will cease the day before the product arrives into our warehouse. So don't miss out. You can find out more about the DFW title and the subscription offer here.

Introducing New MegaCITY Water Chooser
15 April 2005
We continue to improve our MegaScenery/MegaCITY products and we're pleased to announce our new Water Chooser for upcoming MegaCITY titles and you'll see it first in MegaCITY Dallas/Fort Worth. Our water chooser lets you choose between more realistic looking water from the original aerial photograph (but without water functionality) and default FS2004 water (where the original water is replaced with FS2004 water with water functionality for floatplane operations). You can get more information on the new water chooser by following this link. 

Exclusive Document To Give You Blazing Computer Performance When You Order MegaScenery/MegaCITY Titles
15 April 2005
In our efforts to ensure optimum performance of MegaScenery/MegaCITY titles, we've come up with the perfect formula of Windows XP system tweaks to optimize your PC's performance for running MegaScenery, Flight Simulation in general and your overall PC performance. Out of the box, Windows XP is not tuned or optimized for performance and therefore most PC's are poorly tuned. These tweaks (that are totally free to do - and safe) identify and eliminate bottlenecks and FREE up your system significantly. The document (in PDF format) is sent to you by e-mail when we receive your online order for any MegaScenery/MegaCITY title. Registered users can get a copy here.

MegaScenery Volume 1: Southern California (Los Angeles & San Diego) Back In Stock
11 April 2005
Due to high demand we've completed our third run of Southern California and are pleased to inform you that it is back in stock and available for you to order. We have remanufactured the "Lite" version only - no charts included but you get the spectacular scenery on DVD and the installation manual. Southern California Lite is just $29.95 and is delivered on DVD media.

Please note that this is still the original version but does have the V1.3 patch built in so no patching is required.

You can find out more about MegaScenery Southern California here.

MegaCITY USA 2005 - Dallas/Fort Worth Announced Along with
FREE Computer Pilot Subscription Giveaway
31 March 2005
We're pleased to announce that it is now official - the next MegaCITY title will be MegaCITY USA 2005 - Dallas/Fort Worth.

Development is coming along nicely and we are scheduled for a mid June release. Yes, it's a quite a while before the release but will be worth the wait.

Dallas/Forth Worth is a huge twin city metroplex with a lot of airports and a lot of city (and surrounding country) detail for you to enjoy not to mention busy DFW International.

We've also got a great preorder bonus offer running from now until the date of release which is a FREE 6 month subscription to the monthly Computer Pilot Magazine which is also published by PC Aviator. The 6 month subscription alone is worth the price of the scenery so you're getting around $50.00 value for just $17.95. It is only valid for preorders as an incentive for you to preorder and compensation for the anxiety we cause you by making you wait after we announce a product.

You can view more information on MegaCITY Dallas/Fort Worth Here.

MegaCITY San Francisco Patch 2 Available For Download
21 March 2005
Patch #2 is now available for MegaCITY San Francisco. This patch includes patch #1. It fixes some autogen issues and eliminates the "pink line" phenomenon found in some areas of the scenery. You can download this patch by following this link.

MegaCITY Denver Begins Shipping
15 March 2005
We're pleased to announce that we have begun shipping the latest MegaCITY title - DENVER. MegaCITY Denver puts you in the skies above the "Mile High City" Denver, Colorado at a level of realism that you've never previously experienced for Denver in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This 3,600 square mile area lets you fly all over metro Denver plus around 3,000 square miles of surrounding farmland and Rocky Mountain scenery. The thing many flight simmers love about Denver is the price - just $19.95. You can get more information on MegaCITY Denver by following this link.

MegaCITY Denver Goes Gold
22 Febuary 2005
Development of our second MegaCITY title, Denver, has been completed and is on the production presses right now. It is scheduled to begin shipping on 7 March. By the look of preorders to date, Denver is one in-demand city for desktop flyers out there. This is the first time the "Mile High City" has been done as photo-scenery. It is created from 1 foot per pixel aerials so the clarity is pretty amazing. You can get more information on this title by following this link.

MegaScenery Volume 1 Southern California To Be Made Available Again
22 Febuary 2005
Our most popular title of all to date, Southern California did sell out. We will be doing another (our third) production run of Southern California (Lite Kit only), this time on DVD. Southern California will be available again on 15 March. If you did want this title but was disappointed due to it selling out, you can order again by following this link. Please note that we are only doing a limited production run so we advise you to act now to ensure you don't miss out again second time around.

MegaScenery Pacific Northwest And MegaCITY San Francisco In Stock And Now Shipping
10 February 2005
The long-awaited MegaScenery Volume 4 Pacific Northwest and MegaCITY San Francisco are now available and shipping. Pacific Northwest is our best MegaScenery yet with over 30,000 square miles of the spectacular Pacific Northwest including Seattle created from 1 foot per pixel aerial photography. San Francisco is the first release of our MegaCITY titles and is created from 2 foot per pixel aerial photographs. If you haven't done anything yet about upgrading your generic FS2004 scenery these are the titles to do it.... with jawdropping realism.

For more info about MegaScenery Pacific Northwest - Click Here
For more info about MegaCITY San Francisco - Click Here
If you already preordered both titles, click here for information about the shipping of your preorder.

Next MegaCITY USA 2005 Title Announced - Denver
25 January 2005
We've announced our next MegaCITY title - Denver - "The Mile High City". Created from 1 foot per pixel aerial photography, MegaCITY Denver gives you 3,600 square miles of Denver and surrounding area. We're aiming to release right at the beginning of March. Price will be just $19.95. Click Here For More Information on MegaCITY Denver. Click Here To Read The Press Release.

New Product Line - MegaCITY USA 2005 - Now Fly Your Favorite Cities
30 December 2004
You can now flying your favorites cities in FS2004 with our new product line - MegaCITY USA 2005. Where MegaScenery gives you huge expanses of 5 meter satellite scenery, MegaCITY focuses on major US Cities recreated from 1 and 2 foot per pixel aerial photography. The detail and clarity of cityscapes is astounding. We've got a number of titles coming out this year with San Francisco ready to release on 7 February 2005. Click here to read the press release.

MegaScenery Pacific Northwest Goes Gold
27 December 2004
MegaScenery Pacific Northwest has gone GOLD – meaning the final production DVD has been cut, signed-off, and ready for duplication. Click here to read the press release.

Gearing Up For the Release Of Pacific Northwest
19 December 2004
We're very excited about our next title - Pacific Northwest. Yes it's 3 months overdue but the wait will be more than worth it for users of MegaScenery. The reason for the lateness was not slow development but instead it was due to.... [CLICK TO READ MORE].

See How MegaScenery Is Made
19 December 2004
Want to learn how MegaScenery is made and find out more about the painstakingly intricate processes that go into bringing you the world's most realistic Flight Simulator scenery? The September issue of Computer Pilot Magazine has an interview with chief MegaScenery developer and owner and founder of Aerosoft Australia, Andrew McLean. You can download and read this complete PDF article (1.4 Mb) for FREE by clicking on this link.

More Pacific Northwest Shots Released
28 November 2004
As we near development on Pacific Northwest, we have released another 60 screenshots. You can view these by clicking on this link. We appreciate that the the development time as stretched due to the incorporation of MegaCity technology plus the massive size of this area. We do expect to be shipping in mid January 2005.

Volume 1 Southern California Full Kit - Sold Out
28 November 2004
Volume 1 - Southern California FULL KIT has sold out and there's under 100 copies of the Lite Version available. We will not be producing more at this stage. If you wanted to get your hands on a copy of Southern California (Lite) then we suggest that you act promptly and follow this link to order.

Pacific Northwest Screenshots Released
8 August 2004
Finally, some screenshots for MegaScenery Volume 4: Pacific Northwest, to whet your appetite for more MegaScenery. The screenshots include shots of Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier and Seattle with our latest improvement to MegaScenery - MegaCity™ Technology. Pacific Northwest will include all latest improvements to MegaScenery including 30 meter terrain mesh which is going to make this visually spectacular area of the United States look even more spectacular. Due to the incorporation of the new improvements, the development time has been slightly extended but we do expect that you'll be soaring the skies above the Pacific Northwest in January 2005.

To view the Pacific Northwest product information page - CLICK HERE

New Improvement To MegaScenery - MegaCity™ Technology
8 August 2004
MegaScenery quality doesn't stand still and the developers are constantly improving MegaScenery with every new release. Our latest improvement is MegaCity™ Technology which improves the detail of cities and metropolitan areas significantly.

To find out more about MegaCity™ Technology, CLICK HERE

Southern California Update 1.3 Released
14 June 2004
We have today released an update/patch which addresses the following issue in MegaScenery Volume 1: Southern California: "access violation error" on Win98 machines - a problem that was reported on the forums. This patch replaces the previous Southern California Update (Version 1.2)

To download the patch CLICK HERE (464kb - V1.3)

Vol 3: Northern California/San Francisco Released
10 June 2004
Today we announced that the third volume of MegaScenery – Northern California, featuring San Francisco, Sacramento and 30,000 square miles of surrounding countryside has rolled of the production presses and is now available and shipping.

For More Information about this exciting new release, CLICK HERE

MegaScenery Volume 1: Southern California Update 1.2
11 March 2004
We have today released an update/patch which addresses the following issue in MegaScenery Volume 1: Southern California: "Error when users move or rename their MegaScenery folder". This patch replaces the previous Southern California Update (Version 1.1)

To download the patch CLICK HERE (464kb - V1.2)

MegaScenery Volume 4: Pacific Northwest Announced
28 February 2004
In this the fourth title MegaScenery Pacific Northwest will feature Seattle and surrounding areas and will enable Flight Simulator pilots to soar the skies above the spectacular sights and scenes of the Pacific Northwest including: Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, the Olympic Mountains, and the entire greater Seattle area and Puget Sound. MegaScenery Pacific Northwest will feature over 30,000 square miles of the Pacific Northwest Area.

MegaScenery New York Begins Shipping
13 January 2004
We're pleased to announce that MegaScenery USA 2004: Volume 2 - New York has begun shipping today 13 January. Experience flying in the skies over and around the world's busiest metropolis plus 22,000 square miles of surrounding area.

For more information on this title or to order, CLICK HERE