Information About Shipping of MegaScenery Pacific Northwest and MegaCITY San Francisco Preorder.

MegaScenery Pacific Northwest and MegaCITY San Francisco are now in stock and shipping. We have many preorders that we are currently filling.

If you have preordered either title, to ensure complete fairness, we are strictly processing and shipping preorders in the order they were received. We have many, many preorders to fill and are working hard to get all preorders out as fast as we can. We will be releasing orders commencing Thursday 10 Feb and will have the entire lot of preorders dispatched by Monday 14 February.

While we appreciate and understand your enthusiasm, please do not call us to try to get your order bumped up the queue. We have a solid system in place for handling this queue of preorders and doing so will only serve to put a burden on our staff thus slowing the shipping process and and also possibly result in mishandling of your order.

So please sit tight and be patient, your preorder order will arrive within the next 7 days for US destinations and 14-21 days for international destinations.

We trust that you will thoroughly enjoy our latest MegaScenery and MegaCITY releases.

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