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Shows Mt St Helens and her crater as well as her volcanic spills from previous eruptions.
Mt St Helens (1024x768)


Shows snowcapped Mt Rainier along with surrounding landscape including rivers, forests, land clearings and even trails. Mt Adams visible on the horizon.
Mt Rainier (1024 x 768)


Shows urban Seattle along with interstates, streets and neighborhoods. Showcases MegaCity Technology.
Seattle (1024 x 768)


Urban Seattle at night showcasing MegaScenery's Night Scenery Technology. Seattle Night time (800 x 600)

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Robert Ferraro
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MegaScenery Pacific Northwest Goes Gold
Next MegaScenery Product Steps Up The Scenery Graphics Realism A Few More Notches

SOUTH CAROLINA, 27 December 2004. MegaScenery publisher, PC Aviator, today announced that the next volume of its MegaScenery scenery series for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 – MegaScenery Pacific Northwest - has gone gold and will be rolling off the production presses in a few short weeks.

Originally slated for an October release, the product was deliberately delayed due to the incorporation of newly developed scenery features by the MegaScenery development team at Aerosoft Australia Pty Ltd that take the MegaScenery series to the next level in flight simulator scenery realism.

One of those new developments is that of MegaCity Technology where primary cities in each MegaScenery area are now created from 1 foot per pixel aerial photography compared to the 5 meter per pixel imagery used for cross country scenery. Even though Microsoft’s Flight Simulator only supports 5 meter per pixel as its maximum resolution, the higher resolution original source image results in much clearer cityscapes than previously possible. The level of detail is increased significantly – to the point where vehicles on interstates are now visible.

MegaScenery Pacific Northwest truly captures the realism and essence of the Pacific Northwest area. Recently, Mt St Helens made the news again with her next eruption imminent. Flight Simulator pilots can now fly over and around and explore Mt St Helens and see her just as she looks in real life. Mt St Helens is just one of the features – everything that’s in the 30,000 square mile area in real life is faithfully rendered within this scenery product including: Mt Rainier, Olympic Mountains, Mt Hood, The Cascades, portions of the Columbia River, Puget Sound and of course the entire city of Seattle – down to street level detail.

“MegaScenery Pacific Northwest is by far our biggest and best title yet.” said PC Aviator President, Robert Ferraro “With the incorporation of 4 scenery technologies into the one, Day Scenery , Night Scenery, Winter Scenery and MegaCity Technology, Flight Sim pilots now get over 90,000 square miles of unique scenery in the one package. If ever there was a Flight Simulator Scenery product to own and that was going to create a jaw-dropping PC flying experience due to the realism, MegaScenery Pacific Northwest is it!”

Like previous versions, MegaScenery Pacific Northwest will come in a Full Kit and Lite version. The Full Kit version provides all of the full color maps and charts to navigate the scenery. For those users not requiring the charts the Lite version provides software and installation manual only.

Due to the size of the product, MegaScenery Pacific Northwest will ship on DVD media only.

MegaScenery Pacific Northwest will commence shipping on 24 January 2005. The Full Kit version will be priced at $29.95 and the Lite version will be priced at $29.95.

More information, including the recently released screenshots, and an opportunity to preorder direct, is available for viewing at the MegaScenery website at

MegaScenery is created and developed by Australian company Aerosoft Australia Pty Ltd and published by PC Aviator Inc.

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About Aerosoft Australia
Aerosoft Australia is Australian based and develops and manufactures a number of flight simulator related products – both software and hardware. The company is noted for its Scenery USA photorealistic scenery for the Fly! flight simulator created using its powerful proprietary scenery development techniques and which it has also used to develop MegaScenery. Also of great interest to flight simulator pilots is its 747 Mode Control Panel (747MCP) hardware for flight simulations. The company’s website is at

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