Presidio of San Francisco National Park. Downtown San Francisco and Alcatraz in the background.


Golden Gate National Park shows the level of detail visible outside city limits.
(1024 x 768)


Golf courses showing detail right down to individual trees lining the fairways.
Seattle (1024 x 768)


Downtown San Jose. Interchanges such as the one here where 280 and 87 cross are clearly visible right down to individual offramps.
(1024 x 768)


Night Scenery Technology maps every street and highway in the city.
(1024 x 768)


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New Scenery Product Line
MegaCITY USA 2005
Now Flight Sim Pilots Can Soar The Skies Above
Their Favorite US Cities

SOUTH CAROLINA, 30 December 2004. PC Aviator Inc, publisher of MegaScenery scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, today announced the release of a new scenery product line titled MegaCITY USA 2005.

Where MegaScenery brings users large areas of photorealistic scenery using satellite imagery at 5 meters per pixel, MegaCITY USA 2005 will have Flight Simulator pilots soaring the skies above major US cities that have been created from higher resolution aerial photographs at 1 and 2 foot per pixel resolution. Consumers need to understand that Flight Simulator 2004 itself only displays at a maximum resolution of 5 meters per pixel however since the source images were taken at the higher resolution a lot of this detail is retained even after resampling to 5 meters per pixel.

The end result is much clearer and crisper urban landscapes for PC flying where a lot of intricate detail is visible right down to the level of individual trees on golf courses. Cities and their surrounding areas look just like they do in real life as MegaCity scenery replaces the generic tiled scenery native to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 with high resolution images of the actual cities.

The company plans to release a number of cities throughout 2005 with the first two titles to be released before the end of January 2005. The first title will be MegaCity San Francisco and the second has not yet been announced.

MegaCITY USA 2005 is created by Aerosoft Australia Pty Ltd, developers of MegaScenery. As a result, MegaCITY will have all of the advanced and unique features delivered in their MegaScenery titles including Night Scenery, high resolution underlying mesh terrain, Winter Snow Scenery (where appropriate), real water bodies and relocation and realignment of default Flight Simulator objects.

MegaCITY titles will be available on CD-ROM and will be at a very reasonable price of $17.95.

The first title - MegaCITY San Francisco will ship on 24 January 2005.

More information, including the recently released screenshots, and an opportunity to preorder direct, is available for viewing at

MegaCITY USA and MegaScenery USA is created and developed by Australian company Aerosoft Australia Pty Ltd and published by PC Aviator Inc.

About PC Aviator
PC Aviator Inc is based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is the US subsidiary of the Australian based The PC Aviator Pty Ltd. The company is in its 14th year of providing flight simulator products and services to flight simulator enthusiasts worldwide. The company publishes Computer Pilot Magazine the world’s only monthly flight simulator magazine (, operates PC Aviator Direct, it’s mail order division and also publishes flight simulator software titles such as MegaScenery. The company’s website is at

About Aerosoft Australia
Aerosoft Australia is Australian based and develops and manufactures a number of flight simulator related products – both software and hardware. The company is noted for its Scenery USA photorealistic scenery for the Fly! flight simulator created using its powerful proprietary scenery development techniques and which it has also used to develop MegaScenery. Also of great interest to flight simulator pilots is its 747 Mode Control Panel (747MCP) hardware for flight simulations. The company’s website is at

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