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The Biggest and Best MegaScenery title Yet... And Now With MegaCity Technology
MegaScenery USA 2005 Volume 4
MegaScenery Pacific Northwest
Seattle & Surrounding Areas
For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

MegaScenery Pacific Northwest puts you in the Flight Simulator skies above a massive expanse of the Pacific Northwest and lets you experience flight at a level of realism that you've previously only imagined.

Soar the Flight Simulator Skies Above Seattle and 30,000 Square Miles (76,000 sq km) of Spectacular Surrounding Areas of The Pacific Northwest and Washington State. Four Scenery Technologies In One Give You A Total Of 90,000 Square Miles of Unique Scenery.

MegaCity Technology brings out the finest real-world detail in the city down to the level of you being able to see vehicles on highways and sandtraps on golf courses.

Note: A powerful PC is not required to run MegaScenery. These pics were taken on a system with only a 64Mb GeForce 4 video card on a 2.2 GHz Pentium..

MegaScenery Pacific Northwest Screenshots
(click on pics to zoom)
Compare Your Default FS2004 Scenery With MegaScenery

Fly Around Mt St Helens National Park

Witness Some Of its Breathtaking Scenery

Navigate The Lava River Created From Her Angry Eruptions

You'll Spot The Semi-Dormant Volcano

Then Fly Right Into Her Steaming, Giant Crater

Mt St Helens - Default FS2004 Scenery

Mt St Helens - With MegaScenery

Olympic Mountains look quite benign from within their valleys

Daunting From 11,000 feet

Mt Olympus - Mountain Flying If You Dare!

Departed Astoria for a quick flight up the Columbia River

At 10,800 Feet, Mt Baker towers amongst the Cascades.

Olympic Mountains Default FS2004 Scenery

Olympic Mountains With MegaScenery

The Cascades just west of Lake Chelan

Valley SE of Darrington. What Towers In The Background?

It's Spectacular Glacier Peak. 10,560 Feet Above Sea Level

A Landmark known as The Three Fingers

Mt Rainier - 14,410 feet AMSL. You'll find it on a track of 130 degrees from KSEA.

Ross Lake - Northern Cascades - Default FS2004 Scenery

Ross Lake - Northern Cascades - MegaScenery

MegaCITY Technology brings out the finest detail in metro Seattle

Detail of Golf Courses is right down to the small tree/shrub level

Boeing Field as she looks in real life.

Trains at the terminal. If you had a street map you could name every street.

And this is what shipping containers on a dock look like from altitude.

Metro Seattle - Default FS2004 Scenery. Random urban land-class textures.

Metro Seattle - MegaScenery's MegaCITY Technology as it looks in real life.

Say Goodbye To Default Flight Simulator Scenery Forever and  Prepare to soar the skies above a Flight Simulator world that’s more realistic than anything you’ve ever flown on your PC...


This map shows the massive area of the Pacific Northwest that you'll get to fly at DAY Summer/Spring/Fall, DAY Winter and at Night!


  • 30,000 Square Miles (76,000 square kilometers) of Washington State and Pacific Northwest

  • Dimensions: 175 nm X 175 nm. Longest distance 250 nautical miles

  • FASTER FRAMERATES than default FS2004 scenery

  • Features: New MegaCity™ Technology

  • Famous Places Covered:
    ▪ Seattle
    ▪ Tacoma
    ▪ Olympia
    ▪ Glacier Peak
    ▪ Mt Rainer
    ▪ Mt St Helens
    ▪ Mt Adams
    ▪ Cascade, Olympic and Wenatchee Mountains
    ▪ Puget Sound & San Juan Island
    ▪ Columbia River
    ▪ And Everything Else In the area covered

  • 50 Instrument Equipped Airports & Numerous Non Instrument Major Airports

  • 4 Scenery Products in One - Day, Night, Winter and MegaCity Scenery give you 90,000 sq miles of unique scenery

  • Full Kit Version Has - 1 Double Sided Seattle Sectional Chart, 1 Double Sided Seattle Terminal Area Chart and VFR Flyway Planning Chart, 220 Instrument Charts


MegaScenery Pacific Northwest is the largest and most realistic photorealistic scenery ever produced for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and it is, by far, our best MegaScenery title yet!


Created from digitized 5 meter per pixel satellite and 1 foot per pixel aerial photographs this product enables you to experience - for yourself - flight above some of the most visually spectacular terrain in the USA – the Pacific Northwest, Seattle and surrounding areas.


MegaScenery Pacific Northwest captures all of the landmarks in the area just as you see them in real life. Now... you can experience the rush of flying within feet of the real Mt Rainier with its 14,000 feet peaks. Recently, Mt St Helens was going to erupt again… well now you can fly into her crater and explore the remnant spills of when she did erupt in 1980. The Olympic Mountains, Mt Adams, Puget Sound and more… they’re all as real as life and are just a few features the area is famous for.


And then… to top off the realism MegaScenery puts you over the top of The Emerald City – Seattle using our new MegaCity Technology. It’s city scenery developed from high resolution (1 foot per pixel) aerial photography and will have you spotting even the finest details down to individual rooftops and even shrubs and sandtraps on golf courses and vehicles on interstates.


4 SCENERY PRODUCTS IN ONE GIVE YOU A TOTAL OF 90,000 Square Miles Of Unique Scenery!
You don't just get day scenery.... you get 4 scenery products in one in this incredibly value-packed scenery title. No other scenery product has ever given you so much value for your money.


1. Photorealistic DAY Scenery - Actual satellite photographs (5 meters per pixel) ported into Flight Simulator 2004 for a scenery world that looks just like the Pacific Northwest area from a pilot's vantage point. You are flying over THE actual Pacific Northwest.


2. Spine Tingling NIGHT Scenery - MegaScenery's UNIQUE proprietary Night Scenery mapping technology recreates the entire scenery area again at night. No... it's not just random lights - MegaScenery knows where every light emitting source in the area covered is right down to the street level. No other product gives you such a realistic night flying experience. The only way to describe the effect is "spine-tingling". When you're flying over Seattle - or remote mountainous regions for that matter - it looks just like it would at night in real life as streets, subdivisions and even interstates light up. You get to truly experience flying Night VFR!


Turn out your lights for best effect and view these night screenshots.


MegaScenery's Unique Night Technology Screenshots
(click on pics to zoom) FOR BEST EFFECT TURN OUT YOUR LIGHTS.

As dusk falls over Seattle, every road, highway, and street lights up for a truly authentic night scenery effect.

If you've flown into Seattle at night, try to convince yourself that this isn't what it looks like! Lights as far as the eye can see

Over the top of Seattle Night-VFR from your pilot's perspective.

Very early dusk as Seattle lights up. Note how every street lights up but not the golf courses nor wooded areas.

Every square mile of MegaScenery gets the night treatment. The small towns of Cle Elum and Roslyn on I-90 about 75 miles West of Seattle


3. WINTER Scenery - Another UNIQUE and proprietary scenery creation technology - MegaScenery's advanced processes use the original satellite images to recreate just what that world would look like after a snowfall. No... it's not just a white blanket.... again a series of advanced algorithms comb through the images and distinguish every scenery element and applies our "snow effect" to recreate another 30,000 unique square miles of the Pacific Northwest after a snowfall. This occurs when you are flying in Winter.

MegaScenery's Winter Technology Screenshots
(click on pics to zoom)

Flying in the Cascades after a snowfall. Winter Scenery technology understands landscape types and applies snowfall effect accordingly.

On our right wing is the town of Morton, near St Helens. note the paved roads and the snow blanket on the cleared farmland areas.

Cascades - in the distance the higher peaks have greater snow cover.

Another picture showcasing the snow cover variety according to the land texture. These roads are remote but still etched. Every square foot (854 billion of them) is winterized.

Seattle gets about 9 inches of snow per year. We felt it was enough to give it the snow treatment. 

Note the golf course on our right wingtip. Looks exactly like after a snowfall with fairways having a white blanket but the snow hasn't settled on the trees.

When MegaScenery ends. On the left - MegaScenery Winter - On the right default FS2004 winter. How could you go back to the default stuff?


4. NEW MegaCity Technology - 5 meter satellite imagery is more than you'll ever need for a realistic cross country experience. When it comes to cities, a little more resolution is required to bring out the fine detail of streets, subdivisions, golf courses and the like. The entire urban area of Seattle has been recreated from 1 foot per pixel aerial photos. You will, if you live in the area, be able to clearly identify your own street and even spot your own house!


30,000 square miles (175 nm x 175 nm - with the longest points 250 nm apart) of photorealistic day scenery

30,000 square miles (175 nm x 175 nm - with the longest points 250 nm apart) of photorealistic night scenery

30,000 square miles (175 nm x 175 nm - with the longest points 250 nm apart) of photorealistic winter scenery.


A total of 90,000 square miles of unique scenery lets you explore this most visually spectacular area of the United States. This is a LOT of area and will take you months to explore in full - many hundreds of hours of flying over terrain where every square foot of the world moving beneath you is unique and REAL and NOT just repeating default textures. Day, Night and Winter!

MegaScenery Pacific Northwest is the best MegaScenery yet and yes, you will pinch yourself for a reality check.



Seattle Terminal Area Chart

Click On Chart To Download Free Scaled Down Sample (1.3Mb)

Seattle Sectional Chart

Click On Chart To Download Free Scaled Down Sample (1.9Mb)

With MegaScenery Pacific Northwest, you're flying over the real world! We believe there's no sense in flying blind. So we've given you all of the actual printed, full size and proper scale, copies of FAA aeronautical maps and charts required to navigate every square mile of your scenery. You get a complete VFR (and IFR) flying kit when you order the "Full Kit" version. You get the following PRINTED full color FAA maps with your scenery:

1 Double Sided Full Color Seattle Sectional Aeronautical Chart

1 Double Sided Full Color Seattle Terminal Area Chart &
   VFR Flyway Planning Chart

220 instrument approach charts in a bound printed manual.

Of course if you don't feel that you require charts, then simply order the "Lite" version.



New MegaCity™ Technology
• Flying in all 4 seasons
• Improved Night Scenery
• Winter Snow Scenery.
• High resolution 30 meter terrain elevation mesh. Mountains have never looked so real!
• Repositioning of incorrectly placed default FS2004 objects
• Many other tweaks and fine enhancements
• Now delivered to you on DVD Media for installation ease and convenience

Say Goodbye To Default Flight Simulator Scenery Forever - Your Flight Simulator world will NEVER look the same again!

Stop for a moment to imagine the scenery world you’ve always dreamed of flying with Microsoft Flight Simulator…. MegaScenery Pacific Northwest is that scenery!


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MegaScenery USA 2005 Volume 4 Pacific Northwest

Title Code Price Media Weight Ships Order
MegaScenery Volume 4 Pacific Northwest - Full Kit
MegaScenery Software, Installation Manual & Technical Guide, Seattle Sectional Chart, Seattle Terminal Area Chart, 220 Instrument Approach Charts
MS-PNW-DVF $29.95 DVD 1 lbs Within 24 Hrs CLICK HERE

MegaScenery Volume 4 Pacific Northwest - Lite
MegaScenery Software, Installation Manual & Technical Guide
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"FULL Kit" Box Contents:
• MegaScenery Pacific Northwest DVD
• Installation & Technical Manual
• 1 Full Color Double Sided Seattle Sectional Aeronautical Chart
• 1 Full Color Double Sided Seattle Terminal Area Chart
• 220 Page Instrument Approach Chart manual
• Registration Card
• Weight 1.0 Pounds

"Lite" Version Box Contents:
• MegaScenery Pacific Northwest DVD
• Installation & Technical Manual
• Registration Card

Minimum System Requirements:
• Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
• 1 GHz Pentium, Celeron or Athlon CPU • Windows 98, Me or XP, Vista, Windows 7
• 128 Mb RAM
• 3D Video Card with 32 Mb RAM
• DVD drive for installation
• 5.7 Gb Free Disk Space (NTFS)
• 8.1 Gb Free Disk Space (FAT32)

Recommended System Requirements:
• Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
• 2 GHz Pentium, Celeron or Athlon CPU
• Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
• 512 Mb RAM
• 3D Video Card with 64-128 Mb RAM
• DVD drive for installation
• 5.7 Gb Free Disk Space (NTFS)
• 8.1 Gb Free Disk Space (FAT32)

Other Information:
New Features
This version incorporates the latest added feature of MegaScenery - MegaCity™ Technology. With MegaCity technology, city and metropolitan detail is now clearer and crisper than ever before.

Due to its size this product is only available on DVD Media.

On NTFS systems this product installs itself to a compressed folder. The disk usage is 5.7 Gb. Uncompressed it is 8.1 Gb. On FAT32 systems it installs uncompressed. On FAT32/Windows 98/Me systems MegaScenery will only display if season is set to summer or winter. On Windows XP/NTFS systems, MegaScenery will display for all 4 seasons.

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